• Alexandria Thrift Store


Our mission is to reduce the hardships of those living at a low-income level by providing clothing and household items at a little or no cost based on financial need.

The Alexandria Community Thrift Store and Food Pantry is able to help individuals and groups in need in our community. When you shop in our thrift store the proceeds go to directly support all of our various missions in our community. The proceeds allow us to offer this continued support.

Donations are greatly appreciated.  Please see our Donations page for guidelines.  Donations received on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday only (NO FRIDAYS) from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m (firm).

Please Note:
We understand that our donation days and times are limited.
What can be done?
1. Volunteer to help! Can’t emphasize this enough. The need is great.
2. Check our Facebook or website for times and days to bring donations before just showing up with them and encourage others to do the same. You can even call the store to double check before you load up to come.
3. Please don’t expect Suzzi to make exceptions if you show up after 1:00 or on a Friday when we do not receive donations. Word gets around if she does that, and then our volunteers must stay later after having worked really hard for 5 straight hours. Or worse, Suzzi ends up having to take care of it all by herself. There’s only one of her, and we really love her and want to respect her time and strength.
4. Choose kindness every time. Our volunteers and Suzzi are working in the heat and humidity in summer and frigid cold in winter to receive, sort, price, and haul the merchandise around. Please, please, please be kind to them.
Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation. We are endeavoring to do a good thing for our community, but it takes all of us working together with respect and kindness to succeed.